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Cundid Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in response to the Government to enhance the development of the safe use of gas and the general public on the relevant laws and regulations of public safety, there is a need to set up gas security monitoring devices, the company sent to Japan especially Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas learning-related engineering, and visit Japan KATSURA , Hitachi TOKICO , YAZAKI , and other material suppliers organized education and training, the introduction of gas safety-related equipment, improve the overall technology and quality of gas safety monitoring project.

Integrated industrial operations, in (2006) to establish Chuchi major companies contract catering kitchen equipment engineering planning and design, high-efficiency integrated precision rapid construction quality and good after-sales service, provide the public with quality ideal restaurant space. (2010) established Fantai Technology specializes in the import trade companies, Deputy domestic and foreign gas related equipment products. Carefully check all products to ensure quality.

Looking to the future integration of the professional team affiliated companies to effectively enhance project quality, improve the efficiency of customer service.






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